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  • Creator: Ron Rule
  • Product: AdSense Avalanche
  • Niche: Google Adsense
  • Price: $27
  • Official Website:
  • Bonus? Giga bonus package includes 50 bonuses!
  • What else? Keyword expension pack ($47) & Done for you service ($297)

Welcome to PHreviews. Today I’m gonna write a trustworthy review about AdSense Avalanche for you who care about it, what it is and how it can help you.

What is Google AdSense? If you haven’t known yet, click here.

Now, discover the AdSense secrets Google doesn’t want you to know; how to get $108 per click from simple low traffic sites, earning you thousands per month!


What is inside AdSense Avalanche?

AdSense Avalanche includes:

  • 4 must-have magical plugins.
  • 2 AdSense-friendly WordPress themes to attract customers.
  • Complete strategy guide that that teaches you how to train Google to show high paying ads.
  • A list of 3 thousand accurate match keyword in every niche, and their exact payouts, that all pay $30 to $300 per click!
  • Ron Rule’s secret list of trustworthy Fiverr sellers for unique article, keyword-optimized content!
  • The best layouts and ad sizes for displaying ads in high-visibility areas.
  • The accurate RSS feeds to generate content automatically!

AdSense Avalanche’s benefits

Base on the content of Adsense Avalanche, it gives you these benefits:
First, you don’t need to know or to do these things:

  • Build subscribers list
  • Web design
  • Web programming
  • Content spinning
  • Must be a SEO expert

Second, you will know:

  • The most “fertile” niches where advertisers are paying a lot of money per click!
  • How to tell Google to show these ads on your site
  • How to create an authority site that will survive Google tracking
  • The themes, plugins and widgets that Ron Rule uses on his sites
  • How to use  a unique blend of Fiverr and RSS syndication for cheap and free content so you don’t need to do anything


Income Proofs

Proof tells the truth

Ron Rule’s proof

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If you want keyword list, WordPress themes & plugins included, please purchase AdSense Avalanche through my site :D


Only $27. It’s a great deal because you’ll get much more money after using AdSense Avalanche :D

Get it now if you liked it! Remember you can refund if you aren’t  satisfied with it. And don’t forget my Giga Bonus Package worth $9000! Thank you for reading AdSense Avalanche review.

That’s not all. You’ll have a chance to get Keyword expansion pack & Done for you service when you purchase AdSense Avalanche.

One Time Offer 1 (OTO 1) – Keyword Expansion Pack ($47)

  • Reveal 6 additional high paying niches in unique high traffic markets that most AdSense uers will never think to target.
  • An additional 2.200+ keywords, many of which can be easily ranked organically with minimal effort.
  • A detailed analysis of each niche, why these advertisers are willing to pay so much per click, and why they’re so profitable for AdSense users.

OTO 2 – Done For You Service ($297)

  • You’ll be built a “ready to upload” made-for-AdSense niche site.
  • 16 page of custom-written, fully optimized articles, centered around the keywords of the buyer’s choice.
  • All associated graphics and required content, ready to upload!
  • AdSense-compliant Privacy Policy
  • Configuration of all plugins and widgets associated with each theme/niche
  • Fast delivery!


About the author

His name is Ron Rule and over the last 15 years he has developed the online and consumer engagement strategies for some of the most American’s most recognized brands.

He has been quoted in Forbes, CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur, Website Magazine, and a ton of other major publications, and appeared as a TV commentator on most of the cable business new networks.

Here’s his facebook account: Ron Rule


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