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  • Vendor: Joshua Zamora
  • Product: Keyword Demon
  • Niche: Software
  • Price: $37 (front end), $47 (OTO), $27 (Downsell).
  • Launch Date11/11/2013 at 11:00 am EST
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  • What else? One Time Offer and Downsell

Hi there! Welcome to PHreviews. Today I’m gonna write a trustworthy review about Keyword Demon for you who care about it, what it is and how it can help you.

We all know that keyword research is BORING and it takes up A LOT of time, right? We also know that if done wrong, it leads to a lot of frustration and disappointing profits. What if there was a piece of software that did ALL the “grunt” work of keyword research FOR YOU, 24 hours a day, on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT?


What is Keyword Demon?

Keyword Demon is a high quality desktop software designed to cut your research time by more than 90%! This software rivals all the major keyword research softwares currently on the market with MORE features, MORE automation and MORE time saving than any other competitor!


How can it help you?

  • Keyword Demon currently hold over 136,085 keywords in over 3,350 different niches and it will continue to grow daily. The amount of work have done by Keyword Demon is countless, Imagine if you will hire a freelancer to do all this work for you, how much you will get charged? If you only pay him $100 a month, then you will have to spend $1,200 a year to archive similar result.
  • Keyword Demon can help you discover untapped niches that you will never come across your mind, you can easily find a lot of unique niches that you can easily dominate with minimum or no effort. All the heavy lifting work have been done for you, no extra work for you, just browse and pickup the keyword you need.
  • Slashes Time Wasted On Tasks That Doesn’t Directly Produce Results, allowing you to put your focus into the areas of your business that will bring you the BIGGEST returns.
  • Tells You EXACTLY What you need to do next – Keyword Demon serves up decision-making data to you on a silver platter, so you are as EFFECTIVE as possible and don’t get lost, confused or sidetracked.
  • And it helps takes care of ALL the critical market research tasks faster, easier, more efficiently and ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT, so you can achieve better results than ever before.
  • Further more, with the special designed search and filtering function in the software, you can now get your desire result with just a click of a button.


Main features

No word, watch this demo video about Keyword Demon features

How does Keyword Demon compare to the competition?




as I mentioned, Keyword Demon costs $37 (front end), $47 (OTO), $27 (downsell). It’s a very affordable price for such a great software, compare to its competitors :D


One Time Offer (OTO)

Here you’ll be able to get access to Joshua Zamora’s Keywords Factory Software which is a done-for-you keyword research software, that is constantly being updated, for you to pick and choose from his catalog of golden nuggets.

You will also get access to his Zamurai Interactive Blueprint, which is a recorded 4-week, private bootcamp that he ran for you. He revealed his entire Video marketing blueprint. Each student paid $97 to attend.



Here you’ll be able to get access to just Joshua Zamora’s Keywords Factory Software without his Zamurai Interactive Blueprint training.


Does it REALLY work?

Numbers don’t lie. This product has been sold over 2000 copies!


Authors’ Information



Here are what other’s have to say about Joshua Zamora:

“Joshua Zamora’s Wikirobot was one of my top promos at the time, making it a stepping stone in my promotional strategies towards higher quality and happier customers.

Good marketing, good product development, great support and most importantly, happy-customer generation. That pretty much sums up Joshua’s MO. Definitely check this guy out” - Alex Cass

“The legend of crazy hair grows with each launch I run. Josh never fails to impress me with his marketing skills, and wicked fast growth. Watch for him to conquer a spot on your leaderboard after you crush his launches.” - Ross Carrell

“If you have not connected with Joshua then your missing out on a great JV partner Josh can send some serious heat to your launches and he recipricates when its a fit and always sends solid numbers. He is a valued JV partner and friend, I highly suggest you hook up with him for a mutually beneficial Jv relationship.” - Gaz Cooper

“Josh Zamora is one of those guys you need to watch very closely, if he’s quiet for too long you know he’s about to come out with something awesome. He’s one of the only people in this game I will literally clear a calendar to make sure I get to mail for him. Why? Because my list thanks me every time.” - Dylan Kingsberry

“Joshua Zamora.. First off he’s an awesome friend and if you need something you can count on him. On the business side of things though, well let’s just say if I ever see Zamora on the Launch calendar I set a day aside he tweaks and tweaks to make sure I get the best EPC possible. I still get commissions from mailings I sent MONTHS ago so that’s definitely saying something. Summarized, he fills my wallet and makes my customers happy.

Not to mention he’s the champion of my last launches contest.. 150+ sales from just a small segment of his list? I’ll take it” - Devin Zander

“I knew Joshua first from his quality products, from the moment we partnered on a launch it was like a match made in the product launch heavens. He has definitely earn my respect as a reputable launch partner, affiliate & friend.” - OJ James



Keyword research is very very important. Why? Because it determines 80% of your SEO campaign success.

You can have the best logo, best website design, best content, best site structure… You can EVEN have #1 Google Rankings… But if you didn’t target the right keywords to begin with YOU WILL FAIL! Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the BIGGEST reasons why most marketers fail to make money with SEO. In fact, 99% of marketers FAIL because of this very reason… One of the FASTEST paths to failure is optimizing for crappy keywords that will never convert into profit.

Keyword Demon helps researching keywords done faster, easier and more effective. It’s a must-have SEO tool.

Making money gets more and more difficult eventually. Keyword Demon will help you beat your competitor. Imagine that your customers come to your site magically, buy your products or services, and you’ll get a lot of money :D


It’s about time

Go grab a copy of Keyword Demon right now if you loved it! Note that you can refund if you aren’t satisfied with it. And remember you’ll get my whole Giga Bonus package worths over $9000. Thank you for reading my Keyword Demon review. I hope you’ll like it :D

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