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Hi there! It’s me, Phuc Hong. Welcome to PHreviews. Today I’m gonna write a trustworthy review about WP Ad Slinger for you who care about it., what it is and how it can help you. I’ll tell you all information about WP Ad Slinger in the shortest way so you don’t need to read too many words.


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What is WP Ad Slinger?

WP Ad Slinger is a WordPress Plugin. It creates ads on your WordPress site. Ads created by WP Ad Slinger look like ads you see on Facebook. For example:


How can it help you?

WP Ad Slinger provides you with an instant customized income stream while displaying ads in a format that over 1 billion internet users have growth quite accustomed to. Within a few minutes you’ll have dynamic ads on your site. I already know what you’re thinking: Who clicks on Facebook Ads? Not many people do on Facebook, but have you ever seen those style of ads on someone’s regular website? The fact that nearly everyone uses Facebook means that people visiting their website will be familiar with what the ads look like. Yet, because they’re not on Facebook, the visitors will actually look at the ads! Visitors are familiar with such ads so they may notice at your ads and click them. They tend to click your Facebook-style ads instead of strange-looking ads, and you’ll get much higher conversion rate!

Moreover, you must pay for each clicks advertising on Facebook. With WP Ad Slinger you don’t need to spend any cents. What a huge advantage!


Main features

I know people love watching videos instead of reading paragraphs. Therefore,  watch this demo video about WP Ad Slinger features and how to use it

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as I mentioned, WP Ad Slinger costs $17 (front end), $67 (upsell). It’s a very affordable price for such a great software in my opinion :D



You’ll also get Content Marketer software by Ross Goldberg when you buy WP Ad Slinger. Of course you need to pay because it’s not a bonus.



Results are all that matter.

You want sales and the right ads can get them for you. What if you could put ads on your sites that will drastically boost response? WP Ad Slinger puts Facebook style ads directly on your customers websites.

WP Ad Slinger is another powerful tool for online marketers, affiliate marketers, services and companies. You can use it to promote your other products and get massive income! It may also increase your products rank on Google.


It’s about time

Go grab a copy of  WP Ad Slinger right now if you loved it! Note that you can refund if you aren’t satisfied with it. And remember you’ll get my whole Giga Bonus Package worths over $9000. Thank you for reading my WP Ad Slinger review. I hope you’ll like it :D


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